Ingenious craftsmanship creates lifelike prints

When we observe the world with our eyes, everything we see can be described using graphics. Graphics, as one of the ancient ways for people to understand the world, provide intuitive input for human thought. As people began to dress up and explore dyeing, graphic preservation began to be used in clothing. As people pursued greater accuracy and expressive power in graphics, various techniques were applied to fabrics, resulting in the well-known term "printing" today.

Exquisite printing not only injects soul into the fabric but also increases its added value. As a core business of Tongyixin, printing has always been highly valued by the company. We have invested in the world's leading equipment, and have built a team of skilled and creative pattern designers as well as a printing team with the spirit of craftsmanship, dedicated to providing perfect printing services for our clients. Currently, the company has various types of printing equipment, among which the Konica Minolta Nassenger SP-1 and the EFI Reggiani Colors silk, cotton, linen and active direct-injection printing machines are industry-leading in terms of production and precision.

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