Focusing on silk textiles
We have laid out the entire industry chain for "Cocoon Silk", with each step from mulberry orchard planting, intelligent silkworm breeding, reeling, to weaving originating from our factory in Guangxi. Our fabric designers use carefully produced raw materials to design and produce a series of gorgeous silk fabrics. Each fabric perfectly combines functionality, comfort, and aesthetics.


Designing exclusive patterns for you
Our creative designers create floral patterns based on current trends, producing over 20,000 patterns annually. Over 1,000 of our designs have received copyright certificates. We also provide customized pattern services for clients based on their specific requirements.


Exquisite craftsmanship creates vivid and lifelike prints
We provide one-stop fabric printing services to our clients using world-leading printing equipment and exquisite craftsmanship. Based on the floral patterns and fabric plans provided by the designers, we produce ideal printed fabrics for our clients.


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